Faced with this inconceivable tragedy, these women united striving to prevent other parents from suffering the heartbreaking pain they indured....

Parent-To-Parent is a Grassroots Coalition for parents and loved ones who are suffering the ravaging effects of substance abuse. Faced with their inconceivable heartbreak, these women united to fight. They have demonstrated that an effective battle can be raged against drug & alcohol abuse through Education, Support and Advocacy.

Day after day, they spend hours on the telephone providing information on available drug-treatment options and helping loved ones guide their family members to detox centers, treatment facilities and halfway houses.

Parent-To-Parent continues to fight the stigma associated with substance abuse. The standard continues to be that drug addiction is a personal failing rather than a complex illness. Addiction is a progressive, debilitating disease that has the potential of being fatal if it is not treated.

Photograph of Founders
From left to right, the Parent-To-Parent Moms,
Kathleen (Kass) Foster, Susan Foose,
Louise Habicht and Kathleen Dobbs

Parent-To-Parent's continued presence in Trenton, the State’s capitol, for parity demonstrates support of legislation requiring health insurance companies to cover the cost of treatment. Their powerful message has and will continue to influence Governors and Legislators and raise awareness of the needs of adolescents and young adults who are facing the life-threatening effects of substance abuse. But with limited funding and major restrictions on health coverage, people end up on huge waiting lists or are simply turned away.
We know because we have seen it first hand.