Parent-To-Parent Has Constantly Been
Involved in Positive Change...

Parent-To-Parent was instrumental in influencing Governor Whitman to commit to establishing residential substance abuse services for young people in New Jersey. The initial component of services was the South Jersey Initiative, which was formed to provide services until the residential program was established. Over 5,000 young people have received services through the SJI. Parent-to-Parent’s persistence, commitment and their powerful personal message has influenced Governors and Legislators and raised awareness of the problems of substance abuse in adolescents and young adults.

Parent-To-Parent’s efforts have done much to make more services available in South Jersey. One of their biggest triumphs is the Opening of DayTop South, a sister treatment facility to DayTop in Mendham, New Jersey, which opened to the public in April, 2005.

In February 2006, Parent-to-Parent launched "Just a Nickel Campaign" aimed at passage of legislation to increase addiction treatment opportunities by increasing the tax on alcohol by just a nickel a gallon.

Parent-To-Parent advocates for those who are incarcerated. We have become intricately involved with the Prison System working to see that the needs of the inmates are met. We communicate with the Judicial System in an effort to get those that are in prison placed in an appropriate treatment facility so that they can get the help that they desperately need.

In the photos:
Top: From left to right, Jeff Clayton, Louise Habicht, Kass Foster, Rev. Joseph Hennen, Adrienne Cook, Kathleen Dobbs and Susan Foose.
Middle: From left to right, Louise Habicht, Kathleen Dobbs and Kass Foster at the entrance to Daytop South.
Bottom: Components of Parent-To- Parent’s “Just A Nickel Campaign.”